1958 May - 2015 April

Created by norma on 21/04/2018

From a young age dad was into his rock 'n' roll, he was a teddy boy. He loved his drapes, creepers, winklepickers and drainpipes. He was a James Dean fan. Dad would wear his red jacket, white t-shirt with blue jeans, just like james Dean.

Dad collected action men for a few years, he'd make air fix models too, he loved old airplane like the hurricane, spitfire and Lancashire.

He had triumph motorcycles, which he basically built from scratch. He treasured these. When he had the sidecar on one, people would call him Wallace and gromit lol, as he had it in red for a while.

Dad later began to collect ww1 and ww2 memorabilia, from gas masks, helmets to ration books. He had a garage full of his collection. He was an avid collector and he did reenactments with tommy atkins society.

He was an amazing artist too. I don't think there was anything my dad couldn't do. He was my hero xx